Hydrologic mapping

We want to extand the use of small local hydro power plant, based on our past work and the unit we settled until now. For thus we will map the hydro network of North Cameroonwith indication on the hydro power and implement turbine where the streams are able to supply more the 500KW.

Hervé installing turbines in Cameroun.

Digital library

Local servers working with the hydro power plant and hosting knowledge and know-how. Steady updated with international datas. Our referent people in the villages will be reponsible for the maintenance and for updating the servers. Low-Tech based and quite easy to repair. In collaboration with
Sharing knowledge through technology

Sharing knowledge through technology

Solar panels
We want to carry on the work we have been doing with solar panel (see our history) through further training. We now need to integrate our vision of training wihtin our partnerships with universities. Especially we try to connect north and south universities on internship program with topics related to sustainability in development concerns. Here is an overview of the work done with our trainees over the last years:
  1. List of trainees (1)
  2. List of trainees (2)
  3. List of trainees (3)
Collaborative work

Collaborative work with north and south universities in Cameroon

Outcomes and outreach

Results & further actions
We seek for Science Diplomacy. One of our main result is the gathering of people with scientific and technologic purposes. Here is our planning in collaboration with chitik.

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Team of the hyrdo mapping project, Ferdedsi Cameroon

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Solar panel kit

Solar panel kit


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Hervé from Ferdedsi installing a solar panel